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German Pavilion at BIBF - Beijing International Book Fair 2017

23 – 27 August 2017 – Beijing, P.R. China

Beijing Star Media Co.,Ltd.

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Founded in 2005, Bejing Star Media is a professional company focusing on copyright trading and consulting service of German language books and cultural exchange of Sino-German publishing industry. Up to date, it has helped Chinese publishers import more than 4000 copyrighted German language titles in literature, social science, management, lifestyle, children’s book and other fields from such countries as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company has done especially well in the introduction of children’s books, for the Chinese versions of children’s books it has introduced into China are widely welcomed and loved by Chinese kids as well as adult readers, making a hit in this segment of the Chinese market. For instance, As the World is Young introduced by Sichuan Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House from BELTZ became the first bestseller of German language literature books as soon as it went to the market; Stories of the Little Tiger and the Litter Lion (JANOSCH) introduced by Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House from BELTZ is on the list of the 100 children’s books recommended by State Administration of Press and Publication. The books of Hans Christian -Andersen prize winner Wolf Erlbruch,such as The eagle who do not want to fly introduced by Hunan Juvenile & Children's Publishing House from Peter Hammer, Pauli series illustrated by Tharlet Eve and introduced by Thinkingdom Media Group from NordSued, Dornroeschen illustrated by Hoffmann and introduced by Picture Story Publishing House from Patmos, Muss mal Pipi illustrated by Manuela Olten and introduced by Electric Power Press from Carlsen, Die Omama im Apfelbaum (Mira Lobe) introduced by New Buds Publishing House from Jungbrunnen, Henkelpott Katja series (Hildegard Sakowski) introduced by XinJiang  Juvenile Publishing House,etc.

Now we have set up long term and friendly business partnerships with tens of publishers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China and other countries and regions. Adhering to the principle of serving the publishers and introducing excellent titles, we would continue to optimize and improve our work and service. As Chinese publishing sector is growing rapidly, we would also expand to the exporting of Chinese copyrights so as to offer a two-way and more comprehensive service for facilitating the exchange and cooperation of Sino-foreign cultures and publishing industry.

Founded in 2005, Bejing Star Media is a professional company focusing on copyright trading and consulting service of German language books and cultural exchange of Sino-German publishing industry. Up to date, it has helped Chinese publishers import more than 4000 copyrighted German language titles in literature, social science, management, lifestyle, children’s book and other fields from such countries as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Beijing Star Media Co.,Ltd.
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Buchinformationszentrum (BIZ) Peking

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The German Book Office (BIZ) Beijing has been operating since 1998 as the overseas representative office of the Frankfurt Book Fair in Beijing. It is the central contact and information point for the German and Chinese book industries and it provides many services for professionals in that field, working with a mixed mandate that balances straightforward business interests against a cultural-political mission, the aim of which is to increase the mutual transparency of the two country's book industries, and to intensify German-Chinese cooperation. 

Buchinformationszentrum (BIZ) Peking
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edition Körber-Stiftung

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The edition Koerber-Foundation was founded in 1996 and is part of the communication strategy of the Koerber-Foundation. For more than twenty years we ignite debates about society’s future. With our books we take up central issues of our society, sketch personal stories and try to inspire people to become involved in the improvement of society. We publish non-fiction books about politics, society, education, science and culture, all meant for a common interest readers, following our moto »Books are an Initiation«.

The edition Koerber-Stiftung has committed to international dialogue and dialogue across political and national boundaries. Therefore we do not only cling to genuine German issues but lay a strong focus on multilateral understanding. And we try to encourage our readers to learn more about other countries, their politics, culture and way of live. Geographically we focus Russia, China and the Middle East.

edition Körber-Stiftung
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PONS is part of the Klett group, Germany's leading provider of education and further training services.

As one of Germany's most successful dictionary brands, PONS has been developing high-quality dictionaries and study material in many languages for 40 years. PONS has always been a first mover with digital technologies and increasingly established successful digital content and established them in the market. Among others, PONS conceives successful language learning courses and materials for self-study and reference purposes, and offers an extensive range in more than 30 languages. We work together with well-known publishers from all over the world.

We offer language learning products for more than 30 languages:
Monolingual and bilingual dictionaries for professionals, students and all kind of learners and travellers in different media formats: print, apps and the free Online Dictionary at www.pons.com.

  • Innovative visual learning products like Visual Language Courses
  • Visual Grammars
  • Visual Language Guides
  • Language Learning with Comics
  • Reading in Pictures

Classic language courses enhanced with digital supplements for different languages from Arabic to Turkish, for all language levels from A1 to B2, and all kind of language learning resources for skills training, listening comprehension, business, grammar and study aids.

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