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On December 1, 1989, Christoph Links, an employee at East German publishing house Aufbau Verlag at the time, established an independent non-fiction publishing company for polltics and contemporary history.

Since then he has brought out about 800 titles, his three-man staff has grown to twelve, while the subject of his books, invariably weighing in on current events, has likewise expanded. Literary journalism. country studies, self-help, historical travel guides, coffee-tables books with accompanying texts on distinctive locations in German history, books about German colonial history, also e-books can be found in his publisher's catalog.


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Narco WarsThe global war on drugs 

Martin Specht’s captivating reports have their origins at the scene of conflict in the global war on drugs. He meets a contract killer who murders for the Colombian drug cartel in Honduras, accompanies the Mexican police and the Afghan army on their controversial m...| » 阅读更多的内容 

DronesOpportunities and dangers of a new technology 

This book offers the first historical overview of drones, from their inception to the present. The focus is on military and civil uses, the beneficial as well as the harmful aspects of this technology. These uses range from land surveying, disaster prevention, package delivery and journalism, to...| » 阅读更多的内容 


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