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Narco WarsThe global war on drugs

Martin Specht’s captivating reports have their origins at the scene of conflict in the global war on drugs. He meets a contract killer who murders for the Colombian drug cartel in Honduras, accompanies the Mexican police and the Afghan army on their controversial missions in the war on drugs, talks to investigators at the American DEA about their covert operations and with “Mr. Cocaine” at Europol about smuggling routes to Europe, and he researches how the market for amphetamines is
linked to the Syrian civil war. Just like the “war on terror,” the “war on drugs” declared in 1971 has long since blurred the boundaries between criminal prosecution under the rule of law and secret-service operations. The international community of states is embroiled in a conflict with an uncertain outcome. Martin Specht’s eyewitness reports of the global war on drugs show that the problem won’t be solved with simple solutions.

Exhibitor: Ch. Links Verlag GmbH



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